Color and lineart petal brush (カラーと線画の花びらブラシ) カラーと線画の花びらブラシ

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This material collection includes materials that can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

Petal brushes for gray and color

This is a set of 4 hand-drawn petal brushes.
Color and black and white (line art + base fill) brushes are created according to the same standard, so they can be used together on the cover and text of a manga.
Each of the 16 brush tip images set randomly is drawn.
Petal brushes for gray and color


Advanced images are created in gray. You can change the color freely◎

The particle direction of the brush has been set. (Random angle 30°)
The base side of the petals should be facing roughly in the linear direction.

When drawing with main color+sub color, the main color will be slightly blurred.
If color blur is not necessary, uncheck [☑ Change brush tip color].

When combined with gradient map, you can get richer coloring ◎
You can use it in "Drawing petals in black and white→ clipping the gradient map of [tonal correction layer]".
Preset gradient set are included for trial, so please use them together.

This is an image of using a line drawing brush for a black and white manuscript.
I made it so that it feels good to use in a larger size, so if you use it in a small size, the lines may be crushed.
  If the line is crushed, try adjusting it with the drawing function of the correct line width or border.

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For more information on how to install the gradient map and how to use it in detail, please refer to this TIPS!
 "Introduction and utilization ideas of [gradient set] materials downloaded from CLIP STUDIO"

Petal brushes with variations in shape and texture are also available. Please use it according to your preference!

 "Petal brush set drawn in two colors"

 "Fluttering particles with a choice of colors"






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Petals Petals

Content ID:2031210

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