Pressure sensing Simple Splash (筆圧感知シンプルしぶき) 筆圧感知シンプルしぶき

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Spattering Brush

A simple splash (sputtering) brush that changes the amount of particle size and particles depending on the pressure.
The particle is not a perfect circle, but it has a little bit of a hand-drawn feel.
Spattering brush


'Re created in 350dpi/gray.
Color can be changed.

If you want to change the drawing range, click "Brush Size",
If you want to change the size of dots, adjust the particle size.

"Marble/Colorful/orb" refers to the lightness/saturation of the main color to change color.
(You do not have to select sub color.)

Use it to create the atmosphere, also for the expression of starry skies and snow.





Simple Splash シンプルしぶき

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Content ID:1817149

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◾︎趣味で作った素材ですが、楽しく使っていただけたら嬉しいです◎  ◾︎更新おしらせTwitter@27pttt  ◾︎素材の規約(商用利用などのルール)については、ASSETSの利用規約をご確認ください。 ◾︎一部の素材は不具合がないと判断でき次第、少しずつ有償に移行していく予定です。(ゆとりを持って半年〜1年以上の無料期間を設けています) ◾︎ I use Japanese. For messages in other languages, I will use a translator to reply :)