Transparency gradient set (透明感グラデーションセット) 透明感グラデーションセット

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

Clear color gradation set

Created with the theme of transparency, this is a set of 30 cool blue gradations.
In addition to using it as a filter by changing the layer mode of the tonal correction layer, it is also good for creating colors in the sea and underwater with grisaille.
Clear color gradation set


The sample is a black and white picture drawn in gray with the gradient map of [Tonal correction layer] at 100% normal mode.

It is also cute and recommended to color manga drawn in gray with gradient map!

Originally, this set was made in gradient map to roughly determine the image of the color of the water and the sea.

Since it is an honest gradation of light and dark, I think it can be used as the color of the sky as it is.

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TIPS on gradient set are also available.
We will introduce how to read and use it, so I hope you find it helpful.

 "Introduction and utilization ideas of [gradient set] materials downloaded from CLIP STUDIO"

The water bubbles used in the thumbnail are the "Fluffy Soap Bubble Brush" that is now available.





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Content ID:2022167

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