What kind of service is this?

In this service, you will be able to download the material data that can be used in CLIP STUDIO PAINT. For example, pattern, brush, 3D etc.

Although this service can be viewed with a web browser, "CLIP STUDIO" is necessary to download the material.

  • If CLIP STUDIO is not installed, even if you click "Download" button nothing will work.
  • This service is translated from Japanese. Therefore, applications released only in Japanese version may be displayed as target software. (e.g. CLIP STUDIO ACTION, CLIP STUDIO MODELER)

The licensed scope of the downloaded materials

The downloaded materials able to use for both commercial and non - commercial works, and able to use without copyright notation. Redistribution is forbidden.
Please check the ASSETS Terms of Service "Permitted Scope of Use" for details of the license grant range of the material.

What are GOLD materials?

GOLD materials are materials that need to be purchased with “GOLD”.
The following will explain how to obtain GOLD and buy GOLD materials.

  1. Access ACCOUNT “Point Service”.
  2. Purchasing a GOLD charge code - Proceed to code registration. Select the “Buy/Register code” button.
  3. Following the displayed steps, purchase a GOLD charge code, and register the code. Once the registration is complete, GOLD will be charged to your account.
  4. Proceed to GOLD material. Search for GOLD materials on ASSETS. Once you find a material you like, it can be purchased with the “Checkout Now” button.
  • Your GOLD usage history can be displayed from your “GOLD Wallet”.

How to use the downloaded material

The material you downloaded is saved in the "material palette" → "download" folder of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Likewise, you can confirm materials in CLIP STUDIO "Material" screen → "Download" folder.

"Image material" can be used by dragging and dropping it on the canvas.

"Brush material" can be used by dragging and dropping from the material palette onto the sub tool palette and registering it.

About menu

When you login to the service, your profile image will be displayed at the top right of the screen. If you click the profile image, you will see the menu below.


This page displays the material that you have registered in the Favorites list by ☆ button.


This page displays your download history. On this page, you can re-download the material.
When the material is deleted by user or administrator, "Delete" is displayed.


This page displays your Upload history. On this page, you can edit, delete, download, and update the material you posted.
You can also change from the temporary upload status to the public status in this page.

  • In "Edit", you can only edit material information. If you’d like to replace the material data, please execute "Update".
  • "Update" allows you to edit including material data replacement. First of all, temporarily upload the replacement material, select the "Update" operation of the material before replacement and execute it.
  • The obtainment history will be handed over even after the update. Those who have obtained in the past can re-download by Notification of update in "CLIP STUDIO PROFILE" service.
New post

Temporarily upload your original material you made, then publish it.In order to post material, CLIP STUDIO is necessary. You cannot publish materials from your web browser.
When posting material, please follow the instructions below.
When you run "Materials for CLIP STUDIO series" from the "New post" page of the web browser, CLIP STUDIO starts up and the "Material" menu opens in the "Created material" tag. Double click on the material you'd like to post and execute the temporary upload from "Post to ASSETS". While executing provisional uploading, you can check the upload status on CLIP STUDIO's "Communication Management" screen.
When the material becomes temporarily uploaded publish it from the "MyUpload" screen. This completes the post.
If you'd like to post the Material Catalog, after CLIP STUDIO starts up, select again from the "Material Catalog list". Please click on the "Manage" button and post it from "Post to ASSETS". For Material Catalog, please also refer to "Guide to making Material Catalog".


If you select "OFF", material list will be loaded automatically when you scroll the screen.

How to make materials

For details on how to make materials, please see the following.

How to make materials

For details on how to make a Material Catalog, please see the following.

Guide on how to make a material collection

About content rating

The service has rating system.

If the expression that visitors might feel uncomfortable is included in the content, which is set by the user. Please see "Rating system & Guidelines" for details on what content rating should be applied to. Although it is content not applicable to "Rating system & Guidelines", it may be set according to the judgment of the user.

You can set display ON / OFF of content with ratings set in "Contents Filtering" in "Account".

What is a limited license material?

It is a material that Celsys publishes, it is a material with conditions for use. Terms such as commercial unavailability are applied to limited license material. You must observe these terms of use.

Please take in consideration when making a post.

Details can be found in “Post and Behavior Guidelines (English).” A summary can be found here. Be careful when uploading text or images.

  • Do not post content that you do not have the intellectual property rights (copyrights) to.
  • With this service, any posted content belongs to the user who made the post.
  • Posts must not be in violation of any laws.
  • Do not post content containing child pornography or abuse, and sexual content.
  • Do not post content which promotes discrimination or ideologies (Religious, Political, Race, Occupation, Sex).
  • Do not post content that may be offensive to others.
  • Do not post content that is not related to the service.
  • Content deletion function is not provided in any service that consist of content which is compiled by multiple users. Due to copyright is shared by multiple users in that type of content. And even if the posting user requests deletion to Celsys, that decision is left to Celsys.
  • By posting to this service, you consent to the usage of your post within CELSYS. Posts may be altered, edited or translated.
  • Users are requested to take responsibility for the content they post. We will sincerely correspond to precise requests from users.
  • This service provides a report feature. If this feature is used the user of the post will be contacted by CELSYS. Please follow any directions given by CELSYS which corresponds to the post.
  • Even if it is not directly stated in the rules, policies or guidelines, please refrain from participating in problematic behavior or problematic posts. Please act in a respectful and rational manner.