Hand drawn color fireworks brush (手描きのカラー花火ブラシ) 手描きのカラー花火ブラシ

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Hand-drawn brushes / Fireworks

This is a brush set that launches fireworks with a gorgeous and hand-drawn feel, created for ease of use with color illustrations.
4 types of fireworks brushes, 4 types of pens, and 2 types of finishing auto action are recorded together.
Hand-drawn brushes / Fireworks


Created at 350 dpi.
You can freely change the color and draw to reflect both the main color and the sub color.

  The main color is the color of the fireworks, and the sub color is the color of the part that emits strong light, so it is recommended to use a brighter color than white or main color for sub color ◎

All brushes are designed to stamp fireworks, but they are divided into four types to make it easier to create a show when used in comics.
A: Simple Peony Fireworks
B: Fireworks with variations in shape
C: Large fireworks
+@: Disappearing fireworks (cute to overlay on other fireworks)

The default setting is to blur the color with the same color based on the main color.

 ■ If you want to draw with a single specified color, uncheck [☑ Change brush tip color] in the tool property.

It also contains auto action that can be processed nicely with one click.
  (1) Select the layer where only fireworks are drawn and click
(2) Choose the processing you like
(3) It is easy processing just by pressing the play button
(A dialog will appear on the way where you can set the amount of light emission, so please adjust it to your liking)

"soft" emits light bright and soft,
"HARD" emits light brilliantly with strong coloring.

As a bonus, the special pen used to draw fireworks and the prototype pen material leading up to it are also included.
I think it's cute even if you use it for effects other than fireworks in manga manuscripts ◎

  Since the brush setting emits light in the part with strong pen pressure, it is easy to draw beautifully if you draw from the light-emitting part and draw so that the force is relaxed.

It can also be used to draw additions and "ascents" (streaks of light when launching).

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The monochromatic fireworks brush I created earlier is also available.
Please use it according to your application ◎

"Hand drawn fireworks brush"



 A: シンプルな牡丹花火
 B: 形にバリエーションをつけた花火
 C: 大玉の花火
 +@: 消えかけの花火(ほかの花火に重ねてもかわいいです)








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Fireworks brush Fireworks brush

auto action オートアクション

Pen ペン

Content ID:2019168

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