Accent Prism Brush (アクセントプリズムブラシ) アクセントプリズムブラシ

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Accent prism brush

I made it because I wanted a rainbow color that could be placed one by one at the target point and develop colors well even on a light background.

There is a slight texture of noise, and the way the color is inserted is slightly different for each grain, so I think you can depict it with nuance ◎
Rather than using it in large quantities, it is created with the assumption that you can use a few points on the screen.
Accent prism brush



Brush tip images are created in 350dpi.
The drawing size changes depending on the pressure.

Drawing along the direction of line, it is easy to draw with a feeling that draw a line from the light source outward.

The layer combine mode is the recommended mode of addition system, such as "screen" .
If you want to use more dense, "hard Light" may be good.

  Combine mode A comparison that draws with a "screen" and changes only the shadow color.
Even if I put it on a light color, I think that it is easy to color.

The initial setting emphasizes the portrait, but it is also possible to change the shape of the rounding with one touch.
If you want to change the shape, please switch the "direction of applying" of the thickness setting.

Two kinds of brush of bonus
  "Yu-colored particles" are brushes that scatter vivid colors in irregular form.
Especially the use is not decided, but I was recorded together because I was able to clean.
  An airbrush is used to draw the prism of this material.
It is a simple airbrush with the analog feeling that a little noise is in the blur part.

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If you want a smaller rainbow , here is the brush. Please in your favorite!

Dual prism brushes

Real Prism brushes







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Accent Prism Accent Prism

Bonus おまけ

Content ID:1975744

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