Pens with more information (情報量が増えるペン) 情報量が増えるペン

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It is a pen like a flat brush that I want to show to be drawn easily. 手軽に描き込んであるように見せたい平筆のようなペンです。

[2023.07.14 drawing color is not reflected and received a point that I have been corrected to be able to change, sorry to apologize for any inconvenience...! 】

I want to increase the amount of information easily, it's such a time...!

There is a lump of laziness made like this fool.
Easy to use, just stroking the part that you want to show as you draw!!



What is that?
Please feel free to lazy with this pen by all means because it can be used for the shadow of clothes.

If you have such a pen already, please use it without hesitation!

【2023.07.14 描画色が反映されないとのご指摘を受けまして変更可能に修正させていただきました、ご迷惑をお掛けして大変申し訳ありません…!】





な ん と い う こ と で し ょ う


Category name without the amount of information on the pen that increases the amount of information 情報量が増えるペンの情報量の無いカテゴリ名

Update history

Added a pen that can be drawn in the 2023.07.10 direction. 2023.07.11 Defect Fixed 2023.07.14 drawing color can be changed. 2023.07.10 進行方向に描画のできるペンを追加
2023.07.11 不備修正済み
2023.07.14 描画色変更可能にいたしました。

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