Herringbone Brush & Pattern (ver.2) (ヘリンボーンブラシ&パターン(ver.2)) ヘリンボーンブラシ&パターン(ver.2)

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There are three types of brushes and patterns that can draw herringbone patterns. ヘリンボーン模様を描画出来る3種のブラシとパターンです。

It is a herringbone pattern that can be used on jackets and suits to give an elegant impression.

・Examples of using patterns

You can just change the color as it is, or you can transform it according to the shape to make it cool.
Although it is made a little rough, it is a material that has a gap just by pasting it.

Color change and simple multiplication. It will be a design tic.

mesh transformation and overlay modes. It gives a three-dimensional effect.

・Brush usage

I also made 3 and 5 rows of brushes for people who have difficulty mesh transformation.

Use a brush along the structure of the clothes. Draw quickly with a large brush and fill in the missing parts with one row of brushes.
If you draw it vector layer, it is easy to edit the crooked part.

Select only the part you want to use and mask it, or fill another layer and clip.

Repeat the above processing and adjust the layer density to complete.

This time, I kept the ink black and set the layer opacity to 40%. It has an astringent finish.

Herringbone means "herring bone" and is a pattern often used for rough tweed fabrics. In Japan, it is also called "Sugiaya" because it is similar in shape to cedar leaves.

Try using it when you want to add some pattern to your clothes but keep a calm impression.













Herringbone Brush & Pattern ヘリンボーンブラシ&パターン

Update history

Updated with 3 and 5 rows of brushes. 3列と5列のブラシを追加してアップデートしました。

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