Intoxicate Pencil Set (よわ太鉛筆セット) よわ太鉛筆セット

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A pencil-like brush with a strong habit of becoming thinner and thicker when the pressure is weak. It is assumed for the web. 筆圧が弱い時に太く薄く、強い時に細く濃くなる癖が強い鉛筆風のブラシです。web用を想定しています。

It is a brush made to doodle happily for oneself.
I aimed at the brush which can do the pressure only by painting a shadow while drawing a line.
I think it depends on the preference because it is controlled by pressure, I am glad if people of similar tastes enjoy.

The x (number) is the magnification of the brush size when the pressure is weak.
X 2 is almost a normal brush. I think that it is easy to use the X 4 or 5 per.

I think that the diffuse type of brush can be used as it is to the brush size to 12px.
I think that it is better to increase the particle size as well as brush size. I might as well give texture density.
The image size is twice the finished size, and the brush size is drawn with 6px ~ 8px, and the image size is reduced to 50% when the image is exported for the Web.

And an eraser with a little pencil line left in the bargain.
The layer set containing the adjustment layer (tone curve) to lighter the paper + color is put. Drag and drop or paste onto a layer of paint.
Paper is quite modest. Remove the tone curve if it is not needed.
Because it is too thick finish for a diffusion brush, please adjust it as you like. The concentration of the brush itself might be nice to adjust.





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Content ID:1740419

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