Tone Brush & Tone Set (トーンブラシ&トーンセット) トーンブラシ&トーンセット

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CLIP material first post excuse me.

A set of tone brushes and tones (paper texture).
Originally, because it is a thing made for use by oneself, if there is a part which is hard to use, please adjust it in the favorite (^o^) ♪


Brush ブラシ

paper texture 用紙テクスチャ

Additional points. 追加分

Update history

2015.2.8 I was embarrassed to know how to add additional material up, but finally I was able to! 「 」 To get the latest information I just have to click. I'll write it down for myself... Lol 2015.2.8

Content ID:1561887

Published : 9 years ago

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