Dust Brush (Prism Dust) (彩塵ブラシ(Prism Dust)) 彩塵ブラシ(Prism Dust)

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Prism Dust Brush

A stamp-type brush that draws colorful dust/splashes.
A little accent on the screen.

■ Dust is a lot less and two types.
 The advanced image is made by color fixation and 350dpi.

The particle size changes depending on the ■ pressure.
 Please use the size and spacing while adjusting it to your liking.
Prism dust brush




■ Layer mode is " screen", "Dodge" and "Adder ".
It is recommended because it is easy to become familiar with the screen.
(The layer mode of the sample is synthesized by "addition".)

It is the particle of this feeling when I enlarge it and turn off the anti-aliasing.

↓ + gaussian blur




Color Dust 彩塵(Prism Dust)

Content ID:1722639

Published date : 4 years ago

Updated date : 4 years ago

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◾︎趣味で作った素材ですが、楽しく使っていただけたら嬉しいです◎  ◾︎更新おしらせTwitter@27pttt  ◾︎素材の規約(商用利用などのルール)については、ASSETSの利用規約と[ダウンロード]ボタンの下の「利用できる範囲」の内容をご確認ください。 ◾︎一部の素材は不具合がないか確認でき次第、少しずつ有償に移行していく予定です。 ◾︎ I use Japanese. For messages in other languages, I will use a translator to reply :)

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