【48h10cp】深圧感情文字ブラシ(年齢) (【48h10cp】激圧感情文字ブラシ(全年齢)) 【48h10cp】激圧感情文字ブラシ(全年齢)

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In 3 seconds, you can 😊 lay down the intense "pressure" heavy emotions

  • There are 5 types of brushes (love, favor, money, guess, disease)
  • The font is handwritten with reference to Iwata Antic Body B.
  • Text color = main color, border color = sub color
▼ It is assumed to be used in a mosaic-like background. Cute when color inverted

▼ Manga (black and white) is a nice touch

There is also a rating version that adds 3 insecure characters!
It's the same amount, so please choose your favorite ~!

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  • ブラシは全5種類(
  • フォントはイワタアンチック体Bを参考に手書きしています
  • 文字色=メインカラー、フチ色=サブカラーに対応しています




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