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Realistic bite mark pen × versatile × 6 patterns (写実的な噛み痕ペン×多用途×6パターン) 写実的な噛み痕ペン×多用途×6パターン

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This material may contain sensitive content. (See rating guidelines

It is a realistic bite mark stamp リアリスティックな噛み痕スタンプです

A4 I make it at 600DP.
If you don't want the default redness, you can also convert the color of the bite mark monochrome without redness normally.
(It is a specification that color conversion cannot be performed only for the swallow mark red.) )

Includes 4 stamp pens and 24 image material.

The color auto action I used for the illustration of the usage example:
Give it a try!
A4 600DPI で作っています。



Pen and image material ペンと画像素材

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Content ID:2064262

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