Tatami set (image material) (畳セット(画像素材)) 畳セット(画像素材)

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This is a material that can be used to draw tatami mats. It is intended to be used in monochrome image 600dpi.

This is the image material. The only vector image material, "Mat", is a raster image material that can be tiled.

The material that pasted this texture into the 3D plane is also released separately.

Image material, 3D materials are open to each individual, but they are also available in both sets.
It is a little advantageous when you purchase a set.




Yojohan 四畳半

Tatami 六畳

Mats 八畳

Jun 十畳

Juji 十二畳

Mat 一畳

Content ID:1874305

Published date : 3 months ago

Updated date : 3 months ago

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