Cloud Brush Part Ⅱ (雲ブラシpartⅡ) 雲ブラシpartⅡ

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It's FREE! If you are good (^ Ω ^) _ 凵 Please!

Samune changed (^_^) I listen to what the person says obediently. Thank you for Tweeting with me on Twitter!
Actually, I was just curious.
タダで~す!よかったら( ^ω^)_凵 どうぞ!


The cloud brush part Ⅱ.
All set size on the screen. The setting is your favorite.
Color change allowed.
Two clouds can be painted simultaneously in main and sub-colors. When you want to give a shadow of clouds, please. Is it troublesome to put shadows on me? )
雲 2色はメイン、サブで同時絵画できます。雲の影を付けたい時にどうぞ。(影付けるのが面倒くさい時かな?)

Solid clouds 雲 単色

Chibuki Cloud 千切雲

Thin clouds are a day old. 薄雲or曇天

Flow Cloud 流れ雲

Cloud 2 colors. 雲 2色

Gaping, Moku clouds ぽっかり、もくもく雲 単色

Update history

Added gaping clouds and moku clouds. ぽっかり雲ともくもく雲追加しました。

Content ID:1470324

Published : 10 years ago

Last updated : 7 years ago

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