Tulle Lace Collection 2 6 species (チュールレース集2 6種) チュールレース集2 6種

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The material of the tulle lace is 2 (various tulle lace material is put out, this is a hoarse tulle lace)
It becomes seamless and leads up and down left and right.

Anti-aliasing, resolution is 600dpi, the original image is slightly larger in 1000 × 1000px.
The tulle is interrupted in some places to make it look slightly hoarse, and does not become too regular.
It becomes a variety of expressions even if I color it with layering or white like a sample image. Enjoy (sample images 7 to 12 is the size of the pattern of 1500 × 1500px. Please refer to it if you prefer.

Thank you for always downloading, gift and tweet. It will be encouraging!



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Content ID:1873598

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素材を呟いたりして下さる方、ありがとうございます! レースとか花とか模様とか背景とか描くのが好きです。めっちゃ見ていってください。 pixivでも同じ名前で素材を公開していますが、向こうにしか無いものもあります。こちらにしかないものもこれから増えるかもしれません。