Beet brushes (てんさいブラシ) てんさいブラシ

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Old No SAI brush

It is a brush of a certain software "wind" only.
However, to give the name of another software in the use example and tags, what about the rights, pointed out that, we have to update with the addition of a new brush.
Because there is no problem in the brush itself, thank you in the future.


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Update history

Updated 8/5 Update: title change SAI brush → Beet brush Updated 7/27 update: Old main paint because it is the difference of pressure, please use a favorite one 7/26, updated: Main pressure control, add-on paint brush 8/5 更新内容: タイトル変更 てんSAIブラシ→てんさいブラシ
7/27 更新内容: 旧メイン塗り追加 筆圧の違いなので、お好きな方を使って下さい
7/26 更新内容: メイン塗り筆圧調節、溶かし塗り筆追加

Old version

Content ID:1780444

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Updated date : 10 months ago

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