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A pen to help draw hair that is wavy or curly. It has multiple strands so the twists look more voluminous and natural. I think it's especially fun for princess (ringlet) curls.

I made it for myself so I'm not sure how easy it is to use, but I hope some find it useful!

To use this pen, you have to draw the hair in a wiggly, twisting manner yourself. It may take a little practice but it means you can choose to draw the curls looser or tighter as you please.
In the demonstration above, I have the layer's 'Border effect' turned on to create the outline. If you draw using a white pen colour and black border, you can use 'Edit' → 'Convert brightness to opacity' to create line art.

There are two types, a pen with 2 strands and a pen with 3 strands. I like to combine them for variety.

Process example:
① Use the hair pens to draw curly hair
② Add some single strands with a normal pen to look more natural
③ Create the outline with Layer Property → Border effect
④ Add details like inner lines, highlights, etc.

If the strands look too repetitive, you can rotate or flip the canvas while you draw to capture different angles of the pen.

Examples with light and dark hair:

Curly Hair

Content ID:1791872

Published : 3 years ago

Last updated : 3 years ago

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