No gaps close and fill + for erasing tool reference layer (隙間無く囲って塗る+消すツール 参照レイヤー用) 隙間無く囲って塗る+消すツール 参照レイヤー用

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This material collection includes materials that can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

It is a set for the reference layer of "tool to erase without gaps close and fill tool", "no Gaps". 『隙間無く囲って塗るツール』、『隙間無く囲って消すツール』の参照レイヤー用のセットです。

" Tool to paint without gaps "

Tool to remove without gaps

Is a set material for the reference layer.

- Please use Set as reference layer line drawings .

It is acceptable to set more than one reference layer.

Reference to only line drawings, the condition disappears in the groundwork, you can use without any problem even if any layer is trapped.
In addition, the order of layers does not have to be down under, and it is painted even if it is piled up. (Line drawing layer is top)
※ It is possible to put it on the line drawing layer, but please understand that a line part is filled.

It is not possible to paint it enclosed in the subdivision like the original tool, and to paint the lasso, and, please choose it by liking it.

From this state

Surround the arm part

- I was painted

State that has been hidden other than the arm

Below is a classic close and fill tool that surrounds the same, and hides the layer around the face.
I painted all the enclosed parts.
(Conventional tools are an advantage, so you can choose your favorite as mentioned above.)

There is a case that the acute angle 1px out by the line drawing by the tool which puts out.
The person who is anxious thinks that the value of area scaling adjusts to the negative direction .
However, in the case of a 1px or less thin line, the part that overlaps with the line drawing cannot be erased. Because this area is disadvantages, please adjust it as easy to use according to the thickness of the line drawing of oneself.

◇ Please see here if you want to change tool icon and thumbnail.

● 20191211 Update contents
We have changed the speed stabilization, numbers, display items, icons, description contents, etc.
















Set for reference layer 参照レイヤー用セット

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