Eraser to remove only protrude pen and overflow (はみ出さないペン&はみ出しだけ消す消しゴム) はみ出さないペン&はみ出しだけ消す消しゴム

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It is a set of a pen that can be painted so as not to protrude from line drawings that set as reference layer, eraser can erase only the part of the same manner. 参照レイヤーに設定した線画からはみ出さないように塗ることができるペンと、同じ要領ではみ出し部分だけを消すことができる消しゴムのセットです。

Set as reference layer layer (either vector raster or OK)
It is a pen which can paint color without protrude.
It is a shorter pen that can be used for the tone of the cartoon in addition to the color illustration.

It is an eraser which erases only the protruding part which created it in the same manner.
It disappears firmly when I erase it in a large size. This is a by-product. I think that it is roughly the same effect though the eraser of similar goes out from others. )

★ Important THING ★
Make sure to reference layer the line-drawing layer and then use the layer to paint the color.
If there is no reference layer, it becomes the same behavior as a normal pen.

If you want to use the raster layer, adjust the number of "area scaling" and adjust the color to your line drawing moderately to bite.
The recommended one is 0.1-0.3 mm (1 ~ 3px).

The boundary between line drawings and fills is roughly the center point of the brush size, so you won't have to dig into the extra lines if you use them so that there is no line drawing and suffer.






Pencil eraser ペン&消しゴム

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