Paratone ★ (パァアトーン★) パァアトーン★

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It is a tone to match the frame that seems to be Paaa.
Because the tiling material is seamless, please use it as a background and clothes become accessories for your liking.
Because it is a simple making, I think easy to be diverted also for color.

PAAA Material パァア素材

Tiling material タイリング素材

Other その他

Append ★. 追加★

Update history

2019.10.23 * * * add PAAA pattern. Added line motif. 2019.10.23 *** パァアのパターンを追加。ラインモチーフ追加。

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Content ID:1755699

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主に漫画用の素材を公開してます。基本的に印刷前提なので大きめです。 twitter始めました。→@take_ki_noko