Hand-painted Japanese decorative brushes (手描きの和装飾ブラシ集) 手描きの和装飾ブラシ集

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Hand drawn brushes/style decoration

It is a set of Japanese style decoration brush drawn with a slightly textured pen. All ten species.
In addition to the manuscript of the Japanese world view, the pattern of the kimono.
Hand drawn brushes / Japanese style decoration


Hand-painted Japanese decorative brushes 手描きの和装飾ブラシ

Content ID:1730439

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◾︎趣味で作った素材ですが、楽しく使っていただけたら嬉しいです◎  ◾︎一部の素材は不具合がないか確認でき次第、少しずつ有償に移行していく予定です。  ◾︎Twitter@27pttt