[Beautiful Delicate Grasp cross-hatching Brush & Tree Tone Set] (【美麗繊細掠れカケアミブラシ&樹木トーンセット】) 【美麗繊細掠れカケアミブラシ&樹木トーンセット】

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"Kei N's Favorite" Super beautiful with analog emo cross-hatching
/ Settings ✓ ON OFF multifunctional brush that can draw a variety of things
[Beautiful Delicate Grasp cross-hatching Brush & Tree Tone Set]
/設定✓on offで多彩な描き込みが可能な多機能ブラシ

[Beautiful delicate grasping cross-hatching brush & tree tone set]

1200dpi Creation
From monochrome manga manuscripts to color illustrations
It is a super beautiful and delicate cross-hatching brush that can be used to create high-resolution manuscripts!
You can quickly draw gratation and ribbon lace cross-hatching in seconds.
Set of 10 sibling brushes with different tip images and settings (usability)

I created a silhouette of a tree and put cross-hatching in it.
I finished and set this sample as a material tone.

Drawing various cross-hatching in white on a solid black background
This sample picture was also made into a material and set as a service.
・ Monochrome / gray (color) (concentration changes with pen pressure)
・ Line drawing dark / gripping (gratation with 2 types)
・ With / without blurring (difference in expression)
・Regular tile (representation of light) / Random (Gratebokashi)
☆ We show settings that you can change the drawing expression
・Thickness (basic 100): The length of the cross-hatching line
・brush size: cross-hatching size and line width
・ Ribbon (basic off): ✓ on curve cross-hatching (lace-like brushwork)
・ spraying effect ✓ on off Drawing speed and density
☆ Color (gray series) (basic OFF): ✓ Color change by changing color on
・ The gray series changes the density depending on the pen pressure.
You can draw even more delicate glatation.
・ Color change free! The gray brush is also suitable for color illustrations
Color layering nuances with cross-hatching texture!
If you master the combine mode, you can make interesting drawings.
☆ Color illustrations can also draw the material texture of clothes and lace.



・散布効果✓on off 描き込み速度と密度

美丽繊細掠れカケアミブラシ 美麗繊細掠れカケアミブラシ

Beautiful Delicate Grasp cross-hatching - Tree & Moya Scene Tone 美麗繊細掠れカケアミ-樹木&モヤシーントーン

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update I created a silhouette of a tree and set a sample drawing with cross-hatching as a material tone. Sample drawings depicting various cross-hatching in white on a solid black background were also made into materials and service set. update

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漫画家(中垣慶)です。20年越程の漫画連載作は全て単行本化→電子書籍化されています。過去の連載作品はアナログ原画、休筆後デジタルを始め、現在は両刀で講師、イラストレーター等。ComicStudio~IllustStudio~CLIP STUDIO初期まで試用モニター(アナログ描き手からの感想や提案等)でしたが、本気で始めてから奥の深さと発展の凄さに慄いています。もうセルシスさんなしでは生きていけない!一方、アナログ画材原画描きも変わらず大好きです。

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