Material for drawing vertical rolls Colorable and with paint difference (縦ロールを描く素材 色付け可能・塗り差分有) 縦ロールを描く素材 色付け可能・塗り差分有

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.3.0. ( Download Clip Studio Paint Ver.2.3.0 )
This material collection includes materials that can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

You can draw vertical rolls! Brush.
You can also add your favorite color. Even if it's a hassle to color, you can do anything about it.

・Register and draw line drawings on the main color and fill color on the sub color.
・Drawn in black and white→gradient map
There are two coloring methods

There is also a coloring gradient map sold separately.



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Content ID:2090924

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素材作りの王になりたいので頑張ってます。リクエストあればDMどうぞ。 ダウンロードしていってね!

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