Watercolor Texture Large (水彩テクスチャ大きめ) 水彩テクスチャ大きめ

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Because it is the thing which I made suitably, I do not know whether I can use it, but adjust it properly and use it. 適当に作った物なので使えるかわかりませんが適当に調整してお使いください。

It is a large watercolor texture made for oneself.
Size of 300 dpi 127 × 127mm 148 × 148mm 257 × 257mm 297 × 297mm

Example of Use ish ↓

The lower right is the convert brightness to opacity after rasterize the layer. (Sorry forgot to put in the picture)
サイズは300dpiの 127×127mm 148×148mm 257×257mm 297×297mm



Watercolor Texture Stuffing 水彩テクスチャ詰め

Content ID:1690261

Published : 7 years ago

Last updated : 7 years ago

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