Heptagonal kirigami 2 (七角形の切り紙2) 七角形の切り紙2

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It is a pattern that I made myself by cutting origami.
I wonder if it can be used for fantasy magic circles, coats of arms, clothing textures, etc... And.

I folded the origami in a heptagonal fold and collected the cut patterns.
The circular pattern was also cut by folding the heptagon, so the pattern is divided into seven equal parts.

When folding and cutting origami, there is a misalignment due to the thickness of the paper overlap, so it is not a perfectly symmetrical shape.
The edges of the pattern are also squeaky when you zoom in.



The sample is an image of an A4 size 350dpi canvas exported with a height of 566 × width of 400 pixels.
As a guideline for the size, I made a checkerboard of 500×500 pixel light blue squares and placed them on the background of the material.
Both the pattern and the seamless pattern are one black color, and the background is transparent.
The tiling is also checked in the pattern.

I hope you find it useful. m(_ _)m


お役に立ったら嬉しいです。m(_ _)m

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