Suit Poses Collection 7 [Leather Shoes] (スーツポーズ集7【革靴】) スーツポーズ集7【革靴】

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・ Suit Pose Collection 8 [Leather Shoes]
・ There are 15 types of feet in suits. Leather shoes and feet and pants standing, walking pose.
・The legs are blue and the pants are red. Each is a separate layer.
・ If you change the color of the pants back to black and erase the overlapping parts, the foot of the suit is complete.
・ Also, if you remove the red pants, you will be wearing bare feet (socks) and leather shoes. It can be used for feet when wearing shorts.
・ You can change the line width after vector layer and scaling (drag and drop the material to the canvas →change →object→brush size scale)

Leather shoes 革靴

Content ID:2032090

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