Shaded sewing brush set (影付き 縫いブラシセット) 影付き 縫いブラシセット

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This is a set of 4 types of seam brushes.
I think these four types can roughly express the seams of modern clothes.
The shadows are drawn together, so you can easily draw ready-made seams just by pulling the strokes. Try using it by drawing it from the top of the color of clothes and accessories.

If the color of the shadow and the thread are close, it will be difficult to see the seams, so we recommend white thread color when drawing on clothes!

As an example of use, I also use the separately sold "Strap & Buckle Set" to draw.
Please take a peek if you like.


使用例では、別売りの 『ストラップ&バックルセット』 も使用して描いています。

Stitch ステッチ

Brush ブラシ

Content ID:2018941

Published : 7 months ago

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