Hair texture painting brush (髪の質感塗りブラシ) 髪の質感塗りブラシ

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.11.0. ( Download the latest version here )

It is a thick paint style brush set that reproduces the texture of hair on the brush tip.
Includes 4 brushes, 3 types of brush tip shapes + 1 pen.
Please shorten the time of thick coat of hair.
ブラシ先端に髪の質感を再現した 厚塗り風のブラシセットです。
ブラシ先端の形状別3種類 + ペン1種類の、計4本のブラシを含みます。

The colors drawn in layers blend well.
The end of the handwriting will be blurred and pointed, as shown in the image, regardless of pen pressure.
Please use the "Hair Addition Pen" when you want to write additionally.

■ It is easy to draw if you select a transparent color and use it like scraping.

■ If you turn off the dual brush of [tool property], it will be fill, so you can also use it for anime painting.
It may also be usable for monochrome manuscripts.

Try using it in conjunction with the blur tool.


■透明色を選択して 削るように使うと描きやすいです。

■ [ツールプロパティ]のデュアルブラシをオフにすると ベタ塗りになるので、アニメ塗りにも使うことができます。


Brush ブラシ

Content ID:2082866

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