Better Pattern Blending

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This material can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

Contains 8 automatic actions

What is the difference between csp's Layer Blending mode & Texture effects and Better Pattern Blending automatic action?

Original pattern in normal(Opacity100%)
1.Better Pattern Blending automatic action(Opacity100%)
2. csp's Layer Blending mode : Multiply & Linear burn & Overlay(Opacity100%)
3. csp's Texture effects(Opacity100%)

How to use:

1.How can I import Auto Action materials?
2.How do you use auto actions?
3.Draw or use a pattern on top of the background

4.Click on the pattern layer to run the automatic action
5.Use the Liquify tool to make the shape of the pattern look more natural

Content ID:2011445

Published : 5 months ago

Last updated : 5 months ago

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