Crm_ unrefined assistant Drawing pen V2 (Crm_野暮助線画ペンV2) Crm_野暮助線画ペンV2

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.5. ( Download the latest version here )

Reading is a pen unsophisticated. It is a set of dowdy line-up pen and auxiliary material, such as analog color pen. We have added various pens. 読みは「やぼすけせんがペン」。アナログのカラーペンのような野暮ったい線画用ペンと補助素材のセットです。色々ペンなどを追加しました〜

Pentax ペン

Supplementary material 補助素材

Update history

2021/04/08: Ver. 2 Update (add material, commentary, change of use example) 2021/04/08:Ver.2へアップデート(素材の追加、解説・使用例の変更)

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Content ID:1832671

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