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4 pens to scribble scrabble with!

Four pens that are great for sketching:  All of them can change color, I just used black for the examples. :0

1 - Ballpoint Pen.  Has a texture.
2 - Crunchy Ballpoint Pen. Textured and has a wobbly tipped.
3 - Ballpoint Pen No Texture.  Same as 1 but slightly different and without a texture.
4 - Ballpoint Pen Unique.  A ballpoint pen with a unique tip!

Scribble & strokes below:

They look good with fake watercolors as well:
If you want, you can give these pens a shadow by duplicating the layer you used to draw it, turning the duplicate a different color, then putting it under the original later:

Hope you enjoy these! :)

Pen Set

Content ID:1830122

Published : 2 years ago

Last updated : 2 years ago

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