Japanese animation digital Art course [VIDEO]-video, TP correction-collection of materials for (日本アニメーション デジタル作画講座【動画編】-動画・TP修正-用素材集) 日本アニメーション デジタル作画講座【動画編】-動画・TP修正-用素材集

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This material catalog contains materials that cannot be used on Clip Studio Paint for iPhone.

This material collection is based on the auto action of "for video" and "TP correction" used in "Japan Animation Corporation".

Please see the course for how to use the material.

* Precautions for use *
TP Correction method Here is the method of the TP correction done only in "Japan Animation Corporation".
The method varies by company. If it is used in your environment, please make sure to confirm that the method of this TP correction is correct and use it after finishing it.



Digital Animation Course (Video version) デジタル作画講座【動画編】

Update history

The auto action material of one point below 2021/03/12 was corrected. TP Osamu auto action _ver01 2021/03/12 以下1点のオートアクション素材の修正を行いました。

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Content ID:1826852

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