Heavy painted Brush (魔王厚塗りブラシ) 魔王厚塗りブラシ

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Paint fun even for people with thick-filled inexperienced, I created a brush to enjoy the touch of thickness and color elongation even without a habit in the concept. It is a brush that can be recommended for the person of experience thick coating. 厚塗り未経験の人でも楽しく塗れる、をコンセプトにクセのないでも厚塗りのタッチや色の伸びを楽しめるブラシを作成しました。厚塗り経験者の方にもおすすめできるブラシです。

YouTube is uploaded a video explaining how to use this brush!

✨ Thickness I made a brush with a good color growth & without a habit easy to use even novice person was a concept.
It is a brush of the texture which was slipped which can be recommended to a person with thick coating.

The brush becomes thin to about 40% by ✨ pressure, and it is suitable for painting the small part.
In addition, you can make a beautiful gradation if you ask adapt with weak force because the tint is put in the pressure.

It can be used for line drawings as well as ✨, so it is possible to paint from line drawings and finish with one of these brushes.





Content ID:1902311

Published : 2 years ago

Last updated : 2 years ago

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