Clumsy Auxiliary pen set (不器用補助ペンセット) 不器用補助ペンセット

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Because it is aimed at shorter, it is a brush set that whiff made it to the priority of a little sloppy than the politeness and the correctness. Sample illustration is about 30 minutes. See image for how to use it.
Thievery is stronger, but if you are needful come!

Clumsy Auxiliary pen set 不器用補助ペンセット

Update history

20/09/20 We added solid C, solid D, leaf, cloud ribbon, leaf contour ribbon and leaf contour Ribbon. Prerequisite (for the use to balance by the writing or to skip the line further in the white), but there is also a part that is not connected by miscellaneous, it is a specification. 20/09/20

Content ID:1782795

Published date : 11 months ago

Updated date : 10 months ago

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