Effect Line tool Collection (効果線ツール集) 効果線ツール集

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This material collection includes materials that can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

You customize the default effect line tool for yourself.
Please refer to it as an example of the customize.

Customize each of the default effect line tools.
The tone is 20% concentration.
You can also change the angle after you create a line or line, but first create a parallel ruler, set it to the desired angle, and then use the flow line or the dynamic line tool to draw it at that angle. Drag to be perpendicular with the ruler and it goes well.
If the Nuki has been drawn in reverse, turn the ruler upside down. There seems to be "top" and "bottom" in a parallel line ruler. It seems to be determined by the direction of drawing when the ruler was apparently created.
The tools that are in this set are turned off, but if you turn on the "curve" section of the tool property, you can make the drawing stroke a curve.
You can also add control points by right-clicking.
If you draw "curves" off, you can right-click the add control point and then right-click again to curve with switch corner.
It seems to become a spline curve if it makes it to the curve in this step.
イリヌキが逆に描画されてしまった場合は、定規をひっくり返してやりなおします。 平行線定規にも「上」と「下」があるようです。どうやら定規を作成した時の描画方向で決まるようです。

Effect Line tool 効果線ツール

Content ID:1496777

Published : 10 years ago

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