Clumsy Color Line pen (不器用カラー線画ペン) 不器用カラー線画ペン

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It is the one that I use for the line drawing of the color.
When you use it for a fill, you can also paint thick with a paint taste like a marker.
I think it is close to the draw taste of the clumsy pen, come if you can use.
In addition, because I use a stainless steel core, I think that I can reproduce the draw taste closer to the stainless steel core.

(190620, PostScript)
"I want to change the cursor from circle to cross, but it is not in the environment settings, so I am glad if you tell me where you set the cursor to circle. 」
After examining, the process had become an eraser. In addition, there is no way to change the processing at this time, it seems to have to recreate.
I would like to make this new one again, but I think there is also the possibility that the feeling of use changes. Please understand.


Content ID:1702425

Published date : 3 years ago

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