Animation of Flames! (For EX only) (炎のアニメ!(EX専用)) 炎のアニメ!(EX専用)

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This is an animation layer material for EX only
Flame-like animation will be played

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Update history

2017/10/22 animation Layer added (not enough) 2017/10/23 Candle Light was added (this is a very false fire.) 2017/10/24 clouds flowing through the sky added 2017/10/22 アニメーションレイヤーを追加しました(いまいちです)
2017/10/23 キャンドルライトを追加しました(超ウソっぽい火です)
2017/10/24 空を流れる雲を追加しました

Content ID:1702121

Published date : 3 years ago

Updated date : 2 years ago

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