[Free for Limited Time] Basic Brooch

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[Free for a limited time] It is being distributed for free for a limited time to commemorate the release, and will switch to a paid one after a few hours.

It is a 3 colored basic brooch.
2 types of variations are included
So that you can use it comfortably
For webtoons and illustrations.

You don't have to worry about raising the quality.
It is made in large size, so you can use it
without breaking pixels.

Includes a total of 6 brushes
and 6 image materials.

You can use it for ribbons, headdress, or to decorate the background.

By enabling the *ribbon,
you can try and use it as a necklace,
bracelet or to decorate clothes.


Image Material

Content ID:2098235

Published : 8 days ago

Last updated : 7 days ago

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