Floor & Ground Primitive Set (床・地面プリミティブセット) 床・地面プリミティブセット

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.12.7. ( Download the latest version here )
This material collection includes materials that can be used in Studio Mode. (What is Studio Mode?)

It is a primitive set for the floor and the ground. 床と地面用のプリミティブセットです。

It is a 3D primitive set for the floor and the ground.
Since it is lightweight, it is convenient when you want to attach the floor to a small frame.
LT conversion auto action included.
(*LT conversion outputs as contour lines, so raster vector line drawings cannot be extracted.)
Please be careful. )

Both images and primitives are created seamlessly. You can also put them side by side.
If you want to change the image of the primitive later, you can use the image material by dragging and dropping it.

It is more realistic if you shift the lines to add light and thickness.




primitive プリミティブ

image material 画像素材

Content ID:2097210

Published : 12 days ago

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ダウンロード・いいね・ギフト・フォロー本当にありがとうございます! 素材は予告なく更新・変更・削除をすることがございますので予めご了承ください。 レーティング素材はコンテンツフィルターの設定を変更すると閲覧できるようになります。(★センシティブな素材はboothにアップしています。) 素材はアップデート時に一時的に非公開になる場合がございますのでよろしくお願いします。 (※体調を崩している間のご連絡に返信が出来ず本当に申し訳ございません🙇)