Wall crack brush (壁のひび割れブラシ) 壁のひび割れブラシ

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【About the material】
It's a series that doesn't make you say it's new! It is a brush that can easily crack walls!
If you layer it on a texture such as wood or concrete, it will crack nicely!
There are three types of thick, thin, and holes, bordered and borderless, and some reflect main color and sub color, and some reflect only main color.
You can usually draw on a layer,
overlay may make it more familiar, so give it a try!

【Recorded material】
■ 9 types in total

Information on materials is being posted on Twitter!

■計 9 種類収録


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Content ID:2090788

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デザイナー兼イラストレーター。 雑貨やパッケージをなどをよく作ります。 ヒサとヨミというゲームを制作中です! 名前がよく被るので最近よくniseo表記を使うことも、お好きに及びください。