Bright Boundary Brush (明るい境界ブラシ) 明るい境界ブラシ

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.11.0. ( Download the latest version here )

The edge is bright, and I want a brush of thick coating (~ brush coating) to be able to put out warmth easily.

It is recommended to set the color cool system such as blue to the background color to the colors of drawing, such as yellow.
Setting the background color to be darker than the drawing color border of watercolor.

When you want to put the highlight in the opposite direction, it is easy to draw while using the invert function.
Or adjust the settings accordingly. (Brush shape > brush tip > Orientation parameter must be 180.) )



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Content ID:1916100

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素敵な素材にいつもお世話になっております。自分用に作成したものをシェアしていく予定です。 いいね・CPありがとうございます!とても励みになります。 Thank you for the wonderful materials! They always help me a lot. I also share the materials which I made for myself. Really appreciate the “Likes” and Clippy!:) 日本語/中文/Easy English OK