Some kind of wood material vol. 3 (何らかの木 素材集3) 何らかの木 素材集3

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It becomes the third bullet of the wood material collection of some kind.
(※ The difference between the first step and this is only the brush material. Please note)
This time, I was producing a leaf material with a little habit of drawing a lot.

Recording two species of solid and no betta.

Due to the underlying material, if you create a selection from layer after drawing, you can create tones immediately.



Some wood 3 brush material 何らかの木3 ブラシ素材

Content ID:1899365

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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漫画を描きます。自分用に作った少女漫画的な素材を公開しています。 購入/取得してくださった方、またいいねやギフトなど、感謝致します…! 皆さんの作品に活用して頂けること、私も嬉しく思います。