Glitter Makeup Pen (キラキラメイクペン) キラキラメイクペン

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The color is fixed.
We recommend that you use the layer in dodge light-emitting mode.

Brush ブラシ

Update history

I was messing with Glitterpen. The old is not random and does not work brush size. I added polarized light color. Because the lame pen is a lame pink system, it is hard to light it in a similar color, and added blue system and green system tightly. It shines to a good feeling when the part which does not need changes to the color which only the part which wants to put lame ground color. グリッターペンをいじりました。古いほうのはランダム性がなくブラシサイズ連動しません。


Content ID:1881116

Published date : 6 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago

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