Autumn/winter leafbrushset (秋冬leafbrushset) 秋冬leafbrushset

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.10. ( Download the latest version here )

It is a set of leaf brush10 type for drawing in autumn and winter.
(Two maple seeds are color brushes)

Illustration Manga dual-script

Any main color sub color can be applied except maple brushes.

Fallen leaves A is in the background mode.
(Because it is solid in the material, I feel good when I lay it under other brushes)

Please use a lot of leaves covered by falling leaves on the background drawing of autumn and winter ^ ^

{Sub tool detail settings} to delete material the unwanted tip of each brush and change the spacing between the leaves to your liking.

-Please try to change the setting value and turn off the color change.

-Use layer property border effect/tone effects to produce a variety of drawing images

* All except ' maple ' (scatter brush)

Changing the size of a leaf is particle size.
Change the [brush size] When you change the drawing range

* * Please note that we may change the price of the material without notice.
秋冬の作画用のleaf brush10種のsetです

イラスト 漫画原稿  両用

もみじブラシ以外はメインカラーサブカラーの任意適用 可


秋冬の背景作画に  舞い散る葉っぱ  積もった落ち葉にたくさんご利用ください^^







Leaf brushes 葉っぱブラシ

Color brushes カラーブラシ

Falling Leaves Brush 落ち葉ブラシ

Content ID:1874339

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漫画家/イラストレーターです。 プライベートの漫画原稿素材と好きなジャンルを描き貯めたイラストの自作素材を公開しています。有償素材が多めですがどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 ♡やフォローやギフトをいつもありがとうございます。励みになっています…!