Emo painted set 52 species (エモ塗りセット52種) エモ塗りセット52種

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This material catalog contains materials that can be used from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.5. ( Download the latest version here )

It is a brush that can change the illustration to easily emo feeling. It is a nice shade and a highlight with the mood.
It is a little noisy. Change your texture density, zoom rate, and method to apply texture to your liking.

(Recording brush)
-Emo... You can change main color and sub color to any color you like.
-Filled with emo... Because the color is on from the start, I can change the atmosphere easily without taking the trouble of the color selection. The red system is dusk, the blue system is night, the green system is sunlight, the pink system is neon, and light purple is a scene of the morning glow.
Emo light... You can change main color and sub color to any color you like. The stained glass light that plugs through the window, the gloss of the hair, and the light of eyes. The distance and the thickness change by pressure. Please adjust to your liking.
-Emo stretched... It's a bonus. I think that it is easy to use it for the wrinkle of clothes when I use it with an emo filling.

I think that it is compatible with multiplication, burn, screen, addition, etc.

If no noise is needed, remove the paper from the sub tool detail.

※ 10/18 material was added 11 species!
Chromatic aberration scatter brush.




※10/18 素材を11種追加しました!

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* 10/18 material added 11 species ※10/18 素材を11種追加

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