The action that somehow looks like a character ver3 (文字をなんとなくそれっぽくするアクションver3) 文字をなんとなくそれっぽくするアクションver3

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6/20 PostScript: There was some procedure leak in ②. I'm sorry. Because we are replacing the data, please re-DL it to trouble you. (It is the first time to use the update function, but I will be ready to re-DL for free?...? )
FIX: After expand selected area the frame layer, the transparent pixel unlock action was missing before the fill.
If you can edit the action, you will need to select the fifth action from the bottom of the ② and start recording, add an action to unlock the transparent pixel, and then end the recording and there is no replacement.
6/21 PostScript: ③ and ⑤, the action results seem to be different whether the original data before work is locked in the transparent pixel. If the result is not created well, switch the state transparent pixel lock the source data and try again. Please wait a little, so we will update again.
6/21 PostScript 2: Fixed! Improved to not take into account the transparent pixel lock state of the pre-execution layer. This is the final ver. I'm sorry.
6/21追記2:修正しました! 実行前のレイヤーの透明ピクセルロック状態を考慮しないよう改良しました。これが最終verになります。申し訳ありませんでした。

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Content ID:1847824

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