Stroke long hand drawn diagonal set (ストローク長め手描き斜線セット) ストローク長め手描き斜線セット

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It is a set of material paint with a hand-drawn diagonal tone, a pattern is a brush. 手描き斜線トーンと、同柄がブラシで塗れる素材のセットです。

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Update history

I changed an icon because the contents of material are difficult to understand. There is no change in the contents. 2/7 I changed the available software because I was not able to use it in DEBUT. We are sorry. 素材内容がわかりにくいためアイコンを変更しました。内容に変化はありません。

Content ID:1819421

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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