Simple Lace (シンプルレース) シンプルレース

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It is a brush that can draw a simple race.
Created in 600dpi.

It's hard to tell if it's a small size, but there are three races in total (if you look closely, the next-to-each race is a little different) if you like the hand-drawing, please use it.
If the brush size is too small, it collapses. Please understand.
Because I put in each race, please to the retouch and adjustment.


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Content ID:1758929

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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レースとか花とか模様とか背景とか描くのが好きです。めっちゃ見ていってください。 pixivでも同じ名前で素材を公開していますが、向こうにしか無いものもあります。こちらにしかないものもこれから増えるかもしれません。