[Bashamichi] Floor and wall trial free edition ([馬車道」床と壁お試し無料版) [馬車道」床と壁お試し無料版

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You can use this material with Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.8.0 and newer. ( Download the latest version here )

A material that pastes the floor, ground, and texture of the wall into a plate polygon, you can easily draw the floor and wall of the Perth with 3D operation and LT conversion.
Unlike the case of transforming the image material, "blur pattern is so distant" effect can be semi-automatic.

We re-create what we had previously published for ComicStudio for CLIP STUDIO and increased variations and types.
This material is one of them, and will be published free of charge for trial use.

It is the cobbled stone which seems to be in an old town in Europe. I did not know the name of "Bashamichi" but I was told that it was "stick with the narrow stone scales".

The main is the 3D material, but the pasted texture is also attached as a seamless image material.
Please use appropriately depending on the situation.




3D Material 3D素材

Seamless image material シームレス画像素材

Content ID:1757928

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago

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